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Weezer - Pacific Daydream [LP] Pacific Daydream [LP]

Following the release of Weezer (The White Album), the band began working on what they called "The Black Album," but as they worked, they found the songs they were writing felt more like reveries from a beach at the end of the world. Instead of forcing a different direction, they began an entirely new album; Pacific Daydream was born. Pacific Daydream - an album full of the melodic mastery and craftsmanship for which Weezer are known - is a record that navigates the uncertainty between reality and dreams, blurring the line between the listener knowing if they are daydreaming the world of the album, or if the world of the album is daydreaming them. It's a record about finding the gray area between the black and the white, about escaping the everyday into the fantasy of what may be just down the line, but also maybe isn't. It's an album that sounds like the Beach Boys and The Clash fell in love by the ocean and had one hell of an amazing baby.

Weezer $ 19.98   $ 16.98 Digital: $9.99
Curtis Harding - Face Your Fear [LP] Face Your Fear [LP]

CURTIS HARDING could best be described as a student of the gritty, sweat-dripping, hip-swinging blues that wafted through the air of the American sixties. The offspring of a mother who sang gospel, and a retired veteran, he traveled all over the country as a child, singing alongside his parents, learning that music was in fact the great communicator, and that the key was not just in how pretty the notes were, but how if you were honest in what you were singing, you could stir a person on the inside. This is what Otis Redding knew. What Sam Cooke, and Bo Diddley, and B. B. King knew. That somehow there was a way to take your experiences, your pain and joy, and give them melody, cause them to live and breathe and massage the hearts and minds of all those who hear. 

Curtis Harding $ 19.98   $ 16.98 Digital: $9.99
Lee Ann Womack - The Lonely, The Lonesome & The Gone [2LP] The Lonely, The Lonesome & The Gone [2LP]
Lee Ann Womack, one of the most distinctive and decorated vocalists in modern music, will make her debut for ATO Records on October 27. An album that mixes the country, soul, gospel and blues of her native East Texas. Produced by Womack’s husband and fellow Texan Frank Liddell (fresh off a 2017 ACM Album of the Year win for Miranda Lambert’s ‘The Weight of These Wings’), and featuring songs mostly co-written by Womack, ‘The Lonely, The Lonesome & The Gone,’ is her most personal album to date.
Lee Ann Womack $ 23.98   $ 21.58 Digital: $9.99
Ty Dolla $ign - Beach House 3 Beach House 3

BEACH HOUSE 3 has been featured in several fall previews including Entertainment Weekly, Billboard and The Los Angeles Times, who credited Ty for helping "redefine L.A. radio with melodic hooks and his lush, hedonistic blend of R&B and rap."

BEACH HOUSE 3 is the follow-up to the California bred superstar's critically acclaimed debut album FREE TC.

Ty Dolla $ign $ 13.98   $ 11.98 Digital: $9.99
Kelly Clarkson - Meaning Of Life [LP] Meaning Of Life [LP]

"MEANING OF LIFE" is the album Kelly Clarkson was destined to make with Atlantic Records, a collection of smart and sensual soul-inspired pop that immediately belongs among the legendary label's classic canon. For her eighth studio album - and follow-up to 2015's chart-topping "PIECE BY PIECE" - Clarkson united a stellar team of top songwriters and producers to collaborate on her Atlantic debut, among them past collaborators Jason Halbert, Jesse Shatkin and GRAMMY® Award-winning "Producer of the Year" Greg Kurstin as well as first time collaborators Mick Schultz, The Monarch and Nick Ruth among others.

Kelly Clarkson $ 21.98   $ 19.78 Digital: $9.99
Third Culture Kings - Is That Light You Carry? [LP] Is That Light You Carry? [LP]

Is That Light You Carry? is the debut record from Third Culture Kings, a new project led by Jan Johansen (Glorybox) and Alap Momin (dälek). Filtering classic vibes through modern interpretation, 3CK reimagine The Velvet Underground or Leonard Cohen if they had been mixed by King Tubby and Afrika Bambaataa all the while incorporating influences as diverse as Indian drone, early 80’s synth pads and Miami booty bass. Still, it’s worth noting that there’s nothing about these recordings that’s rooted in the past: nearly every sound on the record - sans lead vocals and guitar - were created or recorded directly to an IPhone. Momin created the beats, bass and majority of synth lines on his device, while Johansen then recorded backing vocals, second guitar, vibraphone, piano, horns, rhodes, and melodica as voice memos that were eventually dropped on top of the finished tracks. 
There are few acts claiming to channel Vangelis and Suicide at the same time, and even fewer that also shout out their love of Doo Wop, UK Bass, and Chicago House in the same breath, but this international duo manage to strike all those notes and more. Veteran performers who’ve outlasted endless trends and toured the world for the better part of the last two decades, Third Culture Kings aren’t afraid to stretch the boundaries of style. The eclectic, yet cohesive group of songs in their live shows complement bills featuring everything from shoegaze to commercial R&B.

Third Culture Kings $ 17.98   $ 14.98 Digital: $
Wanting - LLL LLL
Vancouver based, multi-platinum selling artist Wanting returns with new album LLL. “It stands for Love, Loss and Latitude,” says Wanting, “It’s about falling in love and facing all the good and the bad that love brings.When one can't save love and it becomes loss, you feel hurt, confused, sad and defeated. When you feel the world left you with nothing, remember you still have you, that feeling of latitude and freedom that you had when you only got to worry about yourself.” Produced by Justin Gray (John Legend, Mariah Carey, Miley Cyrus, Joss Stone) LLL releases on October 27, 2017 via Nettwerk Records
Wanting $ 10.98   $ 9.98 Digital: $11.49
Gregory Porter - Nat King Cole & Me [Deluxe Edition] Nat King Cole & Me [Deluxe Edition]

Two-time GRAMMY-winning vocalist Gregory Porter s 3rd Blue Note album, Nat King Cole & Me, is a heartfelt tribute to his idol, the legendary singer, pianist and Capitol recording artist Nat King Cole.

With the help of 6-time GRAMMY-winning arranger Vince Mendoza, the London Studio Orchestra, a core band featuring pianist Christian Sands, bassist Reuben Rogers, and drummer Ulysses Owens, and special guest trumpeter Terence Blanchard on two tracks, Porter revisits some of Cole s most cherished classics such as Mona Lisa, L-O-V-E, Nature Boy & The Christmas Song

Gregory Porter $ 22.99   $ 20.69 Digital: $9.99
Yo Gotti - I Still Am I Still Am

Yo Gotti $ 11.96   $ 10.96 Digital: $9.99
The Used - The Canyon [LP] The Canyon [LP]

Double 180gm vinyl LP pressing in gatefold jacket. 2017 release. Energetic rock band The Used return with The Canyon, their seventh and most ambitious album to date. The album's MJ inspired lead single is "Over and Over Again". Formed in Orem, Utah in 2001, The Used have enjoyed much success over the course of their career, with three gold records and numerous top 20 chartings including 2014's Imaginary Enemy, which debuted at #14 on the Billboard Top 200. The band performed their first two records, Self Titled and In Love and Death, from front to back on sold out nationwide tour last year, which reinvigorated their fan base and left fans wanting more.

The Used $ 24.98   $ 22.48
Various Artists - Stranger Things: Music From The Netflix Original Series Stranger Things: Music From The Netflix Original Series

Various Artists $ 11.96   $ 10.96 Digital: $12.99
Daniele Luppi & Parquet Courts - Milano [LP] Milano [LP]

MILANO is the new album from Emmy nominated Italian composer, producer and artist, Daniele Luppi, along with New York rock band Parquet Courts. The album is available digitally and on vinyl.

MILANO is a concept album, complete with songs that are fictionalized stories about misfits, fashionistas, outcasts and junkies in mid-1980s Milan. Daniele teamed up with Parquet Courts and Yeah Yeah Yeah's vocalist, Karen O, to help deliver his vision of an emerging youth culture struggling to be heard amidst the rapid gentrification of old Milan.

The first offering from the album was the track "Soul and Cigarette," a jaunty, springy tune belies its more sinister, saddened backstory of artistic struggle. Andrew Savage of Parquet Courts describes "Soul and Cigarette" as a tribute to Alda Merini, one of Milan and Italy's most renowned poets, yet unfortunately not as heralded internationally. He says, "I was reading her and trying to imagine Milan as she saw and experienced it. Her story is one of great suffering and her verse is often quite painful, an important juxtaposition from the cosmopolitan Milan we associate with luxury and excess."

The second track released from MILANO was "Talisa" featuring Karen O. "Talisa" is a love letter to Talisa Soto, the model and actress who was a dear friend and muse of revered designer Gianni Versace. Celebrated for her model-esque figure and striking beauty, Talisa appeared in numerous Versace ad campaigns at the height of the brand's fabled existence. Talisa's comely face was regularly plastered on billboards across Milan and she was a steady presence on the catwalks during Milan Fashion Week. Says Daniele, "For Talisa's lyrics, Karen and I dreamed up a fantasy photoshoot, a la Antonioni's Blow Up. We imagined a scenario where Talisa is on set in a fantastical couture creation and Gianni himself is the photographer. We wanted to capture the excitement, vibrancy and fast lane life of Milano in the 80s, draped in fashion and models, as cliché as that may seem."

MILANO is the unofficial follow up to Luppi and Danger Mouse's 2011 album Rome, a love letter to classic Italian film scores, with Jack White and Norah Jones.

Daniele Luppi & Parquet Courts $ 23.98   $ 21.58 Digital: $8.99
Mastodon - Cold Dark Place EP [10in Picture Disc Vinyl] Cold Dark Place EP [10in Picture Disc Vinyl]

A new EP featuring four previously unreleased tracks via Reprise Records. Three of the tracks, "North Side Star," "Blue Walsh," and "Cold Dark Place," were recorded during the sessions for Mastodon's 2014 album Once More ‘Round The Sunand were produced by Nick Raskulinecz. A fourth track, "Toe to Toes," was recorded during the sessions for the band's most recent album, 2016's Emperor of Sand, and was produced by Brendan O'Brien.

Mastodon $ 24.98   $ 22.48 Digital: $3.99
SOJA - Poetry In Motion Poetry In Motion

SOJA, the internationally acclaimed GRAMMY-nominated eight-piece from Washington D.C., will release its new album 'Poetry in Motion' on October 27th via ATO Records.

SOJA's core sound an uplifting meld of reggae, go-go, D.C. hardcore, Latin, rock, and hip-hop is as tight and compelling as it's ever been in the group's 20 year history, but now the group digs deeper on its message of finding peace and understanding in the world caught in tribulation. For the band, having fun and social awareness can, and should, co-exist.

Lead singer Jacob Hemphill explains, 'Poetry in Motion is about us, the human race. We're beautiful. We're the caretakers of this earth and everything that lives here, calls it home. But something is wrong. Something in us is lost. That's the focus - how to get back to the beauty and away from... well, this.'

SOJA $ 11.98   $ 10.98
Dirty Fences - Goodbye Love [Green LP] Goodbye Love [Green LP]
Brooklyn's Dirty Fences third studio album, ''Goodbye Love,'' out via Greenway Records is the follow-up to 2013's ''Too High To Kross'' (Volcom) and 2015's ''Full Tramp'' (Slovenly). It's packed with plenty of meaty riffs and perfectly-executed harmonies and features a guest appearance from Sheer Mag's Christina Halladay. On ''Goodbye Love,'' Dirty Fences give a nod to their influences -- which include acts like Redd Kross, The MC5, and Johnny Thunders, plus an obsession with early KISS and Motley Crüe through the lens of The Dictators and Ramones -- but manage to maintain an identity all their own. The lead single ''Teen Angel'' pairs an undeniably catchy melody with driving percussion and wailing guitars, and its accompanying video is heavy on the party vibes. The album is available here on green colored vinyl and includes a digital download card.
Dirty Fences $ 19.98   $ 16.98 Digital: $9.99
Squeeze - The Knowledge The Knowledge

Squeeze $ 15.98   $ 13.98 Digital: $9.99
The Wailin' Jennys - Fifteen [LP] Fifteen [LP]

Vinyl LP pressing. 2017 release. Fifteen is the first recording in six years from contemporary folk's most popular group, The Wailin' Jennys. An entrancing collection of cover songs, it includes tunes by Tom Petty, Emmylou Harris and Dolly Parton, and is their first new music since 2011's acclaimed album, Bright Morning Stars. For founding members Nicky Mehta and Ruth Moody, along with longtime member Heather Masse, Fifteen celebrates a 15-year musical partnership that has resulted in four award-winning studio albums and one live recording on Red House Records, three of which landed the trio on the Billboard charts, while garnering the band a worldwide fanbase. All three band members sing and play a variety of instruments (acoustic guitar, accordion, banjo, ukulele) to create a shimmering tapestry of rich vocals and instrumentals. Additional musicians include Richard Moody (Ruth's brother), Sam Howard, Adrian Dolan and Adam Dobres. Produced by The Wailin' Jennys, Fifteen is a gorgeous feather in the cap of the band that has thrilled millions of listeners to A Prairie Home Companion radio

The Wailin' Jennys $ 24.98   $ 22.48 Digital: $8.99
Sixx: A.M. - The Heroin Diaries Soundtrack: 10th Anniversary Edition The Heroin Diaries Soundtrack: 10th Anniversary Edition

Sixx: A.M. $ 14.98   $ 12.98 Digital: $9.99
Bootsy Collins - World Wide Funk [LP] World Wide Funk [LP]

The funk runs deep and rich on "World Wide Funk," Bootsy Collins' first studio album since 2011's "Tha Funk Capital of the World". Populated with musical friends old and new, and recorded in his Cincinnati home's Bootzilla Re-hab studio, "World Wide Funk" marks both a reckoning and significant reboot, if you will, for the Rhinestone Rock Star Monster of a doll baby baba! Blue-chip rappers like Doug E. Fresh, Big Daddy Kane, DJ Quik, Dru Down, and Chuck D, along with guitar shedder Buckethead join a Bootsy-curated posse of fresh new artists on a record that embraces everything from the classic P-Funk sound Bootsy pioneered to the closest Collins has ever come to radio-active, boots on the ground friendly fire in a musical-P-rated-adventure. World Wide Funk will be released worldwide on Mascot Records on October 27, 2017 on CD, vinyl, digital download and streaming.

Bootsy Collins $ 24.98   $ 22.48 Digital: $9.99
Eric Johnson - Live From Austin, TX [CD/DVD] Live From Austin, TX [CD/DVD]

Eric Johnson $ 15.98   $ 13.98 Digital: $9.99
Julien Baker - Turn Out The Lights [LP] Turn Out The Lights [LP]

Julien Baker’s solo debut, Sprained Ankle, was one of the most widely hailed works of 2015. The album, recorded by an 18-yearold and her friend in only a few days, was a bleak yet hopeful, intimate document of staggering experiences and grace, centered entirely around Baker’s voice, guitar, and unblinking honesty. The album appeared on year-end lists everywhere from NPR Music to New York Magazine’s Vulture. With Turn Out the Lights, Baker returns to a much bigger stage, but with the same core of breathtaking vulnerability and resilience. From its opening moments — when her chiming, evocative melody is accompanied by swells of strings — Turn Out the Lights throws open the doors to the world without sacrificing the intimacy that has become a hallmark of her songs. The album was recorded at the legendary Ardent Studios in her hometown of Memphis, TN, and mixed by Craig Silvey (The National, Arcade Fire). This evolution from ‘Sprained Ankle’s intentionally spare production allows Baker — who is still the album’s sole producer and writer — greater scope and freedom. Strings and woodwinds now shade the corners of her compositions, and Baker takes to piano rather than guitar on several tracks, pushing the 21-yearold Baker’s work to cinematic heights of intensity.

Julien Baker $ 22.98   $ 20.68
John Frusciante - Niandra Lades And Usually Just A T-Shirt [Limited Edition 2LP] Niandra Lades And Usually Just A T-Shirt [Limited Edition 2LP]

Limited double vinyl LP pressing packaged with old style tip-on gatefold jacket and printed inner sleeves. Niandra LaDes And Usually Just A T-Shirt is the first solo record by John Frusciante. Between 1990 and 1992 the guitarist made a series of 4-track recordings, which at the time were not intended for commercial release. After leaving the band Red Hot Chili Peppers in 1992, Frusciante was encouraged by friends to release the material that he wrote in his spare time during the Blood Sugar Sex Magik sessions. Originally released on Rick Rubin's American Recordings label in 1994, Niandra LaDes is a mystifying work of tortured beauty. Frusciante plays various acoustic and electric guitars, experimenting with layers of vocals, piano and reverse tape effects. Channeling the ghosts of Syd Barrett and Skip Spence, his lyrics are at once utterly personal and willfully opaque. Frusciante's rapidfire, angular playing shows how key he was in the Chili Peppers' evolution away from their funk-rock roots. His cover of "Big Takeover" perfectly deconstructs the Bad Brains original with laid-back tempo, twelve-string guitar and a fierce handle on melody. The album's second part-thirteen untitled tracks that Frusciante defines as one complete piece, "Usually Just A T-Shirt"-contains several instrumentals featuring his signature guitar style. Sparse phrasing, delicate counterpoint and ethereal textures recall Neu/Harmonia's Michael Rother or The Durutti Column's Vini Reilly. On the front cover, Frusciante appears in 1920s drag-a nod to Marcel Duchamp's alter-ego Rrose Sélavy-which comes from Toni Oswald's film Desert in the Shape. This first-time vinyl release has been carefully remastered and approved by the artist.

John Frusciante $ 38.98   $ 35.08
Steve Miller Band - Ultimate Hits [2LP] Ultimate Hits [2LP]

One of history's most important rock bands return with a brand new collection of Steve Miller Band's Ultimate Hits. The album features seminal tracks including 'Abracadabra', 'The Joker' & 'Take The Money And Run'. This 2LP gatefold version also features 1 previously unreleased studio track ('Seasons') and two previously unreleased live tracks ('Living In The USA' & 'Space Cowboy'). In 2016 Steve Miller was inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame as a solo artist.

Steve Miller Band $ 34.98   $ 31.48 Digital: $11.49
Yelawolf - Trial By Fire Trial By Fire

Yelawolf $ 10.99   $ 9.99 Digital: $9.99
Norah Jones - Day Breaks: Deluxe Edition [2LP] Day Breaks: Deluxe Edition [2LP]

Blue Note Records will release a new Deluxe Edition of Norah Jones’ acclaimed album Day Breaks. A 2-CD set and limited edition 2-LP 180g silver foil-cover vinyl.

The expanded track listing includes the addition of nine songs recorded live in New York City during Norah’s memorable album release shows at the Sheen Center’s Loreto Theater in October 2016. The live cuts include versions of songs from Day Breaks like “Flipside” and the Horace Silver ballad “Peace,” as well as fan favorites like “Don’t Know Why” and “Sunrise,” performed by Norah (voice, piano), Chris Thomas (bass), Brian Blade (drums), Pete Remm (Hammond B-3 organ), and background vocalists Tarriona ‘Tank’ Ball & Anjelika ‘Jelly’ Joseph of Tank and The Bangas (winners of NPR Music’s 2017 Tiny Desk Contest).

Norah Jones $ 39.98   $ 35.98 Digital: $12.99
The Deep Dark Woods - Yarrow [LP] Yarrow [LP]

Floods and plagues, ghosts and slaughter: woe to those who populate the songs of Yarrow. A gentle summer breeze swings the gallows ropes, flowers bloom callously on lovers' graves. These anthems are definitely not from Eden.

The Deep Dark Woods' newest album was borne in a fever - a scarlet fever, to be medically specific. A disease of the last century is a fitting backdrop for songs that dig bare handed into the loam to unearth the corpses of old English folk and country blues. Yarrow is The Deep Dark Woods reimagined by leadman Ryan Boldt and accompanied by a close-knit group of musicians that includes duo Kacy & Clayton. For nearly ten years they developed an international following with particular success in the Americana realm, nominated alongside Alabama Shakes and Dawes for Emerging Artist of the Year at the 2012 Americana Music Awards.

The Deep Dark Woods $ 18.98   $ 15.98 Digital: $8.99
Willie Nelson - Teatro - The Complete Sessions [CD/DVD] Teatro - The Complete Sessions [CD/DVD]

Digitally remastered CD/DVD edition including bonus tracks and DVD. Location is everything. When Willie Nelson and album producer Daniel Lanois set out to create a cinematic-sounding album, Teatro, they took over a disused movie theatre in Oxnard, California, and pictured it's dusty glory on the cover art. Recorded as-live in situ amid the red velvet seats, Teatro sees Nelson working extensively with his frequent collaborator Emmylou Harris, who joins him for duets and on backing vocals. The other major player is Daniel Lanois, who produces the album, plays guitar and bass, took the cover photo and wrote one of the album's songs, "The Maker", a stunning performance with glacier-thick vibe. Reinvention is key on Teatro, with Nelson revisiting a number of songs he first wrote in the 1960s, including 1968's "I Just Can't Let You Say Goodbye" and 1962's "I've Just Destroyed the World" and "Three Days". Though the songs are familiar, the sounds aren't: Teatro found Nelson experimenting with rhythms and flavors as never before, from the Spanish-influenced "Darkness On The Face Of The Earth" to the double-drum-kit percussive groove of "My Own Peculiar Way". Originally released by Island Record in 1998, Teatro is issued here for the first time as a double disc set, including the original album plus 7 unreleased bonus tracks from the sessions. Disc two is a complete live performance of the album, directed by Wim Wenders, filmed during the album recording sessions and available here for the first time on DVD

Willie Nelson $ 25.98   $ 23.38
Hollywood Undead - Five [LP] Five [LP]

Vinyl LP pressing, includes digital download. The number five holds a deep significance. We have five senses. Five points adorn a star. Five represents man in theology. For the five members of Hollywood Undead - Johnny 3 Tears, J-Dog, Charlie Scene, Funny Man, and Danny - the digit perfectly encapsulates their fifth full-length offering Five. "We're five brothers, and this is our fifth record," affirms Johnny 3 Tears. "Nothing gets to the essence of the music like this number does. Numerology has a lot of power. When we said Five, it just made sense. The fact that we could all agree on one word codifies who we are. It also nods back to 'No. 5' from our first album, because it was our fifth song. Moreover, it hints at this secret society of fans supporting us for the past decade. The number is significant, and this is a significant moment for us." Powered by neck-snapping guitars and fast and furious bars, lead single "California Dreaming" cycles between guttural rapping and quick quips. Everything culminates on the choral chant "We never sleep, in California we're dreaming."

Hollywood Undead $ 21.98   $ 19.78 Digital: $11.49
Big K.R.I.T. - 4eva Is A Mighty Long Time 4eva Is A Mighty Long Time

Two CD set. 2017 release from the Mississippi rapper. Features "Confetti" and "Keep the Devil Off (Take 1)". The album is the long-awaited follow-up to his 2014 release Cadillactica.

Big K.R.I.T. $ 15.98   $ 13.98 Digital: $11.99
The Who - Maximum A's & B's [5CD Box Set] Maximum A's & B's [5CD Box Set]

Following the success of the four 7' singles box sets, we present the singles - A-sides, B-sides and EP tracks from the legendary Who on CD. 86 tracks from the Brunswick, Reaction, Track and Polydor labels including classic hits, and rarely heard B-sides. The Box also features the band s first single, as the High Numbers Zoot Suit b/w 'I'm The Face. Five CDs, in separate wallets, housed in a rigid, lift-off box with a 48 page booklet featuring track by track annotation and period photos.

The Who $ 79.98   $ 71.98
Ronnie Fauss - Last Of The True Last Of The True

Last Of The True is a love letter to the artists and genres of music that I hold dear. When we were finished mixing, and I stepped back and listened to the thirteen songs we had recorded for this album, I realized we had touched a wide variety of places - from early 70’s Laurel Canyon folk-rock, to late 90’s alt-country rock ‘n’ roll, to Copperhead Road-era Steve Earle, to John Prine-inspired folk. It felt good to honor the type of music that has meant so much to me. These thirteen songs include ten originals and three was a privilege to pay homage to artists such as Bob Dylan, Uncle Tupelo, and Okkervil River by applying my perspective to their great songs, and it was also a privilege for Ben Kweller, the Austin-based indie-rock stalwart, to sing on a track that I had written - adding him to the mix on "Saginaw Paper Mill" took that song to a whole new level. The process of making this album also gave me the chance to get to know many gracious and generous people…sitting with them in various studios around Texas and Tennessee, coming up with parts and watching them do their magic was a very meaningful and rewarding experience that I will never forget. This album offers bar room Americana ("Big Umbrella"), quiet folk ("I Think We're Going To Be Okay"), loud rock ‘n’ roll ("Twenty-two Years"), and lush country-rock (“It’s A Choice”), just to name a few...and yes, there's even a polka number. I’m excited to share these songs with you, and I hope you find something you enjoy...I hope you have as much fun listening to it as we did making it. - Ronnie Fauss (August 2017)

Ronnie Fauss $ 13.98   $ 11.98 Digital: $9.99
Kenny Chesney - Live In No Shoes Nation Live In No Shoes Nation

Kenny Chesney $ 16.97   $ 13.97 Digital: $15.99
Butcher Babies - Lilith [LP] Lilith [LP]

Butcher Babies $ 24.98   $ 22.48 Digital: $9.99
Rachel Platten - Waves Waves

Rachel Platten $ 11.96   $ 10.96 Digital: $10.99
Slaughter Beach, Dog - Birdie [LP] Birdie [LP]

Slaughter Beach, Dog started as a side project for Jake Ewald, one of Modern Baseball's two singer/songwriters. The band was born out of a case of writer's block, Jake used the first LP to experiment with writing from the point of view of fictional characters in the fictional town of Slaughter Beach to break off from the ultra-personal technique he'd developed in his main project. After Modern Baseball announced their hiatus last year, Slaughter Beach, Dog became Jake's main vehicle, giving him a chance to go all in on developing as a songwriter. Now free of the restrictions of being in a band with certain expectations already attributed to it, Birdie is Jake's introduction to his next chapter. Combining writing styles and flowing free between truth and fiction, the album takes Jake's signature mouth-full writing style, adds in some new influences from bands like Wilco, The Weakerthans, Jets To Brazil and Pedro The Lion, and comes out with something completely fresh.

Slaughter Beach, Dog $ 16.98   $ 13.98 Digital: $9.99
C. West - Hide & Seek Hide & Seek

The debut radio single Focus by guitarist, singer and songwriter C WEST is a smooth and uplifting millennial mantra that revolves around the themes of self-preservation and success in a sometimes-soulless world. The track is a fluid blend of an airy pop rhythm, with a cool alluring R&B-styled vocal performance that should attract the fans of similarly styled artists, such as Shawn Mendes, Charlie Puth, Alessia Cara and Jason Derulo. If somehow, one could fuse the smoothness of Maxwell with the edge of Lenny Kravitz and the consciousness of early 2Pac, then we d have the singer/songwriter, C WEST. This guitar-swinging, 20-year old is a beam of light on a musical landscape, flooded with songs indulging our darker moments. On his forthcoming album debut, Hide And Seek (Marquis Boone/Tyscot), C WEST wrestles with his own darkness with an eye toward the spiritual glow that wipes all shade away. I think so much that my thoughts have thoughts and those thoughts have thoughts too, the Buffalo, NY native says. He began to play the guitar at the age of 14 and grew up on a musical diet of Michael Jackson, Prince and Maxwell. Two years ago, he graduated from the Buffalo Academy for the Visual and Performing Arts and then continued to study music at Villa Maria College. After winning a Discovered talent competition sponsored by Marquis Boone, who discovered Billboard magazine No. 1 recording artists such as Casey J and Bri (Briana Babineaux), Boone signed the singer and immediately sent him into the studio with a group of upstart urban producers: TedyP, Mave (N8 Tha Maven), Kenneth Xclusive Paryo and Chris Carter. The result is a stunning, twelve-track set of thought-provoking jams, streaming from the mind of a millennial mensch seeking to understand the world in which he finds himself while also getting close to the God who birthed it all. I know what I want for me, I want the money, the cars, the clothes and the woman but you know what s best for me, he declares on the mid-tempo affirmation, Focus. On the urban-folk ballad, Breaks Your Heart, C WEST reveals his repentant soul. If it breaks your heart, let it break my heart because I want a heart like yours, he croons to the heavens. On Unusual Love, he compares divine agape with his failed romances. Please, don t pull my leg, can I really have your heart? he begs. Can I really have your mind? Cuz, I ve heard this before when they say one thing and do another thing. Hide And Seek is an instantly engaging, singable project that will have listeners thinking about their own lives as they snap their fingers and swivel their necks. With the introduction of C WEST, we wanted to push the envelope, says Marquis Boone. Trust me; people are definitely going to be talking about this compelling young man." Have you ever felt like you lost something that you never had? C WEST asks in discussing his music and his unique path. I guess that s what abandonment feels like, right? But, we ve all been there. It s hard, you know? Just want to hide from the world, from your family, from yourself but at some point, you realize you can t hide forever. So, you ve gotta make a choice. Am I going to hide from God or hide in God and seek Him in that secret place? You know, this is why I do what I do, decision making music. Hide And Seek releases globally on October 27, 2017.

C. West $ 11.98   $ 10.98
112 - Q Mike Slim Daron Q Mike Slim Daron

There is something about the way the four elements of nature come together. Each on its own is a representation of power, of beauty, and a testament to the majesty of creation. Together they are the ultimate life force.... undeniable and inimitable. So it is with Q, Mike, Slim and Daron, the four elements who make up the Platinum selling and Grammy Award winning R&B group 112. Hailing from Atlanta, Georgia the talented foursome – Quinnes “Q” Parker, Michael “Mike” Keith, Marvin “Slim” Scandrick, and Daron Jones -- have enjoyed success that has spanned two decades including Grammy Award-winning singles, sold out tours, and a critically acclaimed catalog of hits. Twelve years have passed and the guys are back in the studio finishing their sixth album titled Q, Mike, Slim, Daron (QMSD) due this fall. After successfully touring for the last five years (which included the EPIC Bad Boy Reunion Tour), 112 inked a deal with leading independent record label, Entertainment One Music (eOne Music). Inspired by the unwavering support and demand of their fans, Q, Mike, Slim, and Daron have put their very hearts and souls into this album, and are excited to be back in the studio with a crew of amazing producers and writers. Created while filming their own documentary, this album is full of the Q, Mike, Slim, & Daron signature sound..... also known as 112. Each member of 112 has also enjoyed individual success through solo ventures as well that include entrepreneurship, altruistic endeavors, real estate brokering and solo albums.

112 $ 15.98   $ 13.98 Digital: $9.99
Peter Case - On The Way Downtown: Recorded Live On Folkscene On The Way Downtown: Recorded Live On Folkscene

Peter Case has always been a pioneer. Genre-tripping through punk with The Nerves (“Hanging On The Telephone”), new wave/power pop with The Plimsouls (“A Million Miles Away”) and Americana with his Grammy®-nominated, self-titled solo debut. It is a career that is still going strong over 40 years later. On The Way Downtown: Recorded Live On FolkScene the airwaves to catch up to him. This new album captures material from two live performances on the highly influential KPFK (Los Angeles) syndicated radio program in 1998 and 2000. The first half features material from his then, newly released Full Service, No Waiting—an album New York magazine called “stunning.” The latter half contains material from 2000’s Flying Saucer Blues, as well as songs from his earlier releases. Plus, some choice covers appear as well. Both intimate acoustic sets have remained unheard since their original broadcasts.

Peter Case $ 16.98   $ 13.98
10 Years - (How To Live) As Ghosts [LP] (How To Live) As Ghosts [LP]

Sometimes when band members reunite, it's as if no time has passed and nothing has changed. That couldn't be further from the truth for 10 Years. And, that's a good thing. When guitarist/drummer Brian Vodinh and guitarist Matt Wantland returned to the Knoxville, Tennessee alt-metal/post-grunge band for their eighth album and Mascot Records debut, (how to live) AS GHOSTS, they burst through their comfort zones to create something new. Something better. Something career-defining. The 8th release is the most dynamic and multi-dimensional record to date from Knoxville's alternative rock band. Produced by Nick Raskulinecz (Foo Fighters, Korn, Deftones, Mastodon, Alice In Chains).

10 Years $ 21.98   $ 19.78 Digital: $9.99
Theory Of A Deadman - Wake Up Call Wake Up Call

Recorded with producer Martin Terefe at London's Kensaltown Studios, WAKE UP CALL finds Theory - Tyler Connolly (lead vocals, lead guitar), David Brenner (rhythm guitar), Dean Back (bass), and Joey Dandeneau (drums) - extending themselves beyond the easy comforts of complacency to create an album that pushes the songwriting envelope with songs like "Rx," which takes aim at the opioid epidemic impacting families across North America and "PCH," which juxtaposes the nostalgia for seemingly endless nights with friends and the bitter realities of life.

Theory Of A Deadman $ 13.98   $ 11.98 Digital: $7.99
Hotel Books - Equivalency Equivalency

Hotel Books $ 10.98   $ 9.98 Digital: $9.99
Maxwell Miranda Parsley - Catskill Christmas Catskill Christmas

A Iove letter to holiday celebrating; Christmas Songs with classic Brill Building sparkle_ A rosy cheeked, cashmere-sweathered, evergreen-scented, hot toddy fueled testament to warm hands, full hearts, and beautiful music. Producer/performer Chris Maxwell, composer for the hit Fox TV show Bob's Burgers and at whose studio the collaboration was forged, brings o playful spirit for timeless melodies. Ambrosia Parsley, widely beloved for her band Shivaree owl smoldering contributions to many pivotal creative scenes, parries mischevious musings with Holly Miranda's earthy and soulful vocals, which bring a depth befitting the upstate NY environs the songs were birthed in A merrier trio of holiday aficionados could not be found. We looked.

Maxwell Miranda Parsley $ 12.98   $ 11.98 Digital: $9.99
Professionals - What In The World What In The World

Formed by Paul Cook and Steve Jones, The Professionals arrived on the scene in 1979 following the demise of the Sex Pistols, but split just 3 years later. In 2017 the band spearheaded by Paul Cook, Paul Myers and Tom Spencer are set to release the first material under the Professionals name in 35 years with the full blessing of founding member Steve Jones.

Professionals $ 13.98   $ 11.98 Digital: $
Delain - A Decade Of Delain: Live At Paradiso [3 LP] A Decade Of Delain: Live At Paradiso [3 LP]

Symphonic Metal institution DELAIN are celebrating their tenth anniversary! Their first live album "Decade Of Delain - Live at Paradiso" is a splendid, two CD-set fueled by some seriously incredible highlights. Naturally, hits like "Suckerpunch" and "We Are The Others" find their place in the track listing, as well as the beast of an opener "Hands Of Gold," which features Arch Enemy's Alissa White-Gluz in what amounts to an epic duet. Flawless chants and solo guitars lift this live record to a monumental state. Charlotte Wessels and her operatic singing and the Pink Floyd-vibe of the guitars will elicit a visceral reaction, leaving you covered in goosebumps. Additionally, Fear Factory frontman Burton C. Bell features on "Where Is The Blood" in another standout track. DELAIN also invited an unforgettable guest to their birthday party — you'll find the sound of the bassists Rob van der Loo of EPICA and Marco Hietala of NIGHTWISH as well as Liv Kristine - formerly of LEAVE'S EYES - on the second half of this double album. It's truly a special moment, celebrated with their musical friends and their fans.

Delain $ 26.98   $ 24.28 Digital: $9.99
John Maus - Screen Memories [LP] Screen Memories [LP]

John Maus is a truly enigmatic musician. Broadly cut from the synth pop cloth, he’s fashioned the frosty minimalism of its fabric into a cloak of infinite meaning, genuine grace and absurdist humor over the course of three defining albums since 2006. His music is a highly mutable affair, whilst often described as retro-futurist on behalf of the 80’s drum machines and synth sounds employed, John’s music is more personal than the nostalgic re-tread implied. There’s a cinematic quality to his songs, with pathos conjured through propelling bass-lines, trailing arpeggios and of course his deeply resonant vocal. Moroder helped map out the territory but Maus is more interested in seeking cadence through his love of Renaissance polyphony and the experimentation behind post punk. It’s an amalgamation of musical ideas as radical as its intent. Maus is a “man out of time” trying to make sense of the inhumanity of our world through his mobilisation of the language of punk rock. His aim is true as he reaches for the seemingly impossible. It’s a want to emerge as part of greater multiplicity, to appear, to become, to connect that powers his songs and the man himself. It’s now been six years since the widely lauded 2011’s ‘We Must Become The Pitiless Censors Of Ourselves’ appeared like a thunderbolt of maniacal energy and turned everyone’s heads. Now regarded an experimental pop classic, Pitiless Censors was a huge breakthrough for Maus as a recognised artist and led to a vast reappraisal of his past work. Debut album 2006’s Songs and the masterful follow up 2008’s Love Is Real sounded better than ever the second time round for this groundswell of new followers. After touring Pitiless Censors around the world and pulling together a collection of rarities and unreleased tracks, Maus then returned to academic pursuits. In 2014, he was awarded a doctorate in Political Philosophy for his dissertation on communication and control. Shortly thereafter, he began building his own modular synthesizer, etching the printed circuit boards, soldering components, and assembling panels, until he had an instrument that matched his vision. With this prodigious task completed Maus turned his hand back to song writing and began work on what is now his fourth album proper Screen Memories. ‘Screen Memories’ was written, recorded, and engineered by Maus over the last few years in his home in Minnesota, known genially as the Funny Farm. It’s a solitary place situated in the corn plains of rural American Midwest. The landscape is as majestic as it is austere and inevitably some of the sub-zero winter temperatures creep into the songs as do the buzzing wasps of summer. Through the whole album Maus has an undeniable talent in grasping the mettle of each song, reaching within and building up a sincere core, before teasing out the edges in acknowledgement to the very ridiculousness of its existence. Rather than creating these songs through an enjoyment of the process Maus considers himself more in the role of someone discovering them buried just beneath the surface. Perhaps the songs presented here are the ones that mask his real intentions, Freud pressing record and turning the TV channel to snow. All we can be certain of now though is that John Maus is back and he sounds gloriously alive. The triumph of the human is upon us and all the false gods and bad jokes will be the first to fall.

John Maus $ 21.98   $ 19.78
Battleme - Cult Psycotica [LP] Cult Psycotica [LP]

BATTLEME PRESENTS “CULT PSYCHOTICA CULT PSYCHOTICA is not a cult. CULT PSYCHOTICA is not a dance. CULT PSYCHOTICA is not a drug. CULT PSYCHOTICA is not a hustle. CULT PSYCHOTICA is not a movement. CULT PSYCHOTICA is not a record. CULT PSYCHOTICA is a voice. What happened to the American psyche? Battleme’s Cult Psychotica explores our tripped up reality through Matt Drenik’s lens. Written within the first few months of the 2016 election and cut mostly live in a week long session at Drenik’s Get Loud Studio, Cult Psychotica is a conceptual landscape of heroes and losers, misguided truths and theories, urgent in its delivery and poignant in its critique of the moment. The songs were written in bursts, the lyrics in sequence. Cult Psychotica is an indictment of non-truth – a political album from a writer who has up until now eschewed overt political songwriting. The soaring “Bitch Blues” documents the country in riot while “Testament” embodies the fury of the eternal gathering. Cult Psychotica’s ten songs are an homage to a fluid and sometimes morbid dream that centers around Drenik’s vision of an urban American landscape run by shams and hustles, eventually culminating in the bloom of the “Lowlife.” It’s a reaction to the Trumponian theatre, a timely reflection on our own busted reality.

Battleme $ 21.98   $ 19.78
Hanson - Finally It's Christmas Finally It's Christmas

Hanson $ 13.98   $ 11.98 Digital: $9.99
Ne Obliviscaris - Urn [LP] Urn [LP]

Ne Obliviscaris $ 24.98   $ 22.48 Digital: $5.99
Joe Henry - Thrum [LP] Thrum [LP]

Joe Henry $ 25.98   $ 23.38 Digital: $9.99
Terra Lightfoot - New Mistakes [Limited Edition LP] New Mistakes [Limited Edition LP]

With ''New Mistakes,'' Canada's Terra Lightfoot offers up something rare: the kind of genuine document that can only come from a road-tested breed of songwriter and performer. Shot through with the guitarist-vocalist's powerful, bluesy soul, vivid lyrics and ferocious six-string virtuosity, it's an unforgettable outing. From the ground-shaking stomp of ''Paradise'' and wild-eyed energy of ''Pinball'' that open the set to the gospel-tinged album closer ''Lonesome Eyes,'' the steeltown native's third record distills her masterful talent to its electrifying essence. Lightfoot's hungriest, most raw album to date, it's also her most accomplished release yet.

Terra Lightfoot $ 19.98   $ 16.98 Digital: $9.99
Leslie Odom Jr. - Simply Christmas [Deluxe] Simply Christmas [Deluxe]

Leslie Odom Jr. $ 13.98   $ 11.98 Digital: $9.99
Phish - A Live One [LP] A Live One [LP]

On October 27, Phish and JEMP Records will release A Live One, the band's inaugural live album, for the first time on vinyl in a limited edition 4-LP set. A Live One was recorded primarily by Paul Languedoc on multitrack DA-88 DTRS digital tapes throughout Phish’s 1994 summer, fall and holiday concert tours. The band produced the album, selecting the material and overseeing the mix to 1/2" reels in March-April 1995 with Ed Thacker and his team of engineers at Bearsville Studios. A Live One contains twelve original Phish compositions, five of which were previously unreleased: "Gumbo,” "Slave To The Traffic Light,” "Wilson,” "Simple,” and "Harry Hood.” The record was sequenced to approximate a two-set Phish performance and every track from the more-than-two-hour collection is notable - from the thirty-plus minute “Tweezer” to the “Wilson” opener from the band’s first Madison Square Garden show. “Gumbo” featured an updated version of Phish’s own Giant Country Horns. More than twenty years later, A Live One “Stash” and “Harry Hood” still rank among both songs’ top performances. After five studio albums, A Live One captured and conveyed the magic of the band’s improvisational live shows, and every song on the record (except “Montana”) has remained a staple of Phish shows ever since. A Live One was released by Elektra June 27, 1995 on CD and cassette. It was the first Phish album to be certified gold and remains Phish’s best selling album. The laquers for the vinyl edition were cut from the 1/2" flat masters by Chris Bellman at Bernie Grundman Mastering. Each LP is pressed onto 180g vinyl and includes a free MP3 download of the album transferred from vinyl.

Phish $ 99.98   $ 89.98 Digital: $11.99
Winds Of Plague - Blood Of My Enemy Blood Of My Enemy

Winds Of Plague’s arresting combination of crushingly heavy aggression, sweeping progressive flourishes, dynamic keyboard-driven accents and a subtle yet unstoppably memorable hint of Active Rock bounce put them in an elite class above the noise of the crowded subgenres of metal. Winds Of Plague is closely aligned with their deathcore contemporaries but lean harder on sinister menace and iron-willed angst than the rest.

Winds Of Plague $ 13.98   $ 11.98 Digital: $9.99
Carter Burwell - Goodbye Christopher Robin (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) Goodbye Christopher Robin (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

Carter Burwell $ 11.96   $ 10.96 Digital: $9.99
Christian Lopez - Red Arrow [LP] Red Arrow [LP]

Christian Lopez $ 17.98   $ 14.98 Digital: $9.99
Powerman 5000 - New Wave New Wave

Powerman 5000 $ 15.98   $ 13.98 Digital: $9.99
Heavy Metal Kings - Black God White Devil Black God White Devil

Rappers Vinnie Paz (Jedi Mind Tricks) and ILL Bill (Non-Phixion) return with their sideproject, Heavy Metal Kings, to drop their first studio album together in over 6 years, ''Black God White Devil.'' Both MCs have been staples of the independent hip-hop scene for more than two decades having followed unrelenting paths to their current destinations as they made their bones during a prolific period of independent Hip Hop in the 90's and early 00's. They are like-minded rappers who eschewed the traditional routes of the industry matrix and, instead, took a fiercely independent attitude when it came to their craft. Beyond their indelible work with their respective groups, Jedi Mind Tricks and Non-Phixion, Paz and Bill have built successful solo careers while also putting in work with supergroups such as Paz's battle-tested outfit Army of the Pharaohs and Bill's collective of accomplished MCs: La Coka Nostra. Also available as a 2xLP black vinyl album with white splatter color and a free download card.

Heavy Metal Kings $ 14.98   $ 12.98 Digital: $9.99
Left Behind - Blessed By The Burn Blessed By The Burn

Left Behind $ 13.98   $ 11.98 Digital: $9.99
Lindstrom - It's Alright Between Us As It Is [LP] It's Alright Between Us As It Is [LP]

Lindstrom $ 21.98   $ 19.78 Digital: $8.99
Professionals - What In The World [LP] What In The World [LP]

Formed by Paul Cook and Steve Jones, The Professionals arrived on the scene in 1979 following the demise of the Sex Pistols, but split just 3 years later. In 2017 the band spearheaded by Paul Cook, Paul Myers and Tom Spencer are set to release the first material under the Professionals name in 35 years with the full blessing of founding member Steve Jones.

Professionals $ 21.98   $ 19.78 Digital: $
Appice - Sinister [LP] Sinister [LP]

"After decades in this crazy music business, we will sit down for the first time and record songs TOGETHER for an amazing new studio album! The album will feature both new songs and classic tracks from our history! This is very exciting for us as we will have, as Ringo said, 'A Little Help from My/Our Friends'. With that in mind, the result will be great sounding spine-shaking rhythmic foundations, along with BIG giant melodic guitars from hell, and on top, blazing vocals and melodies that will tear it all up! A first in a lifetime for us brothers!" say Carmine and Vinny. Expect some great friends/guests to contribute to this album including Joel Hoekstra (Whitesnake), Paul Shortino (Quiet Riot, Rough Cutt), Johnny Rod (WASP, King Kobra), Craig Goldy (Dio), Tony Franklin (The Firm, Blue Murder) and members of Last In Line among others. Carmine says: "I am so excited to be doing this new Appice CD. It is always a challenge and fun doing music with Vinny. This CD is no exception and we will be doing cool songs with double drumming and lots ear candy for our fans, not to mention playing with some of our special friends. The recording process is coming out great. Cannot wait to finish and take it on the road! Heavy drums and heavy songs. It will kill!" Vinny adds: "A studio album that was years in the making has now come to life! Our first ever studio CD together. With great songs, musicians and of course drums and rhythms that will overwhelm your ears and fascinate your mind!"

Appice $ 15.98   $ 13.98 Digital: $9.99
Complete Failure - Crossburner Crossburner

Complete Failure $ 9.98 Digital: $9.99
Henry Jamison - The Wilds The Wilds

Over 30M streams of advance EP + singles. World Cafe's Artist to Watch, Spotify Best of Folk 2016 and Amazon Artist to Watch 2017, Henry Jamison is clearly going places.

Henry Jamison $ 10.98   $ 9.98 Digital: $9.99
Granger Smith - When The Good Guys Win When The Good Guys Win

Granger Smith $ 13.98   $ 11.98 Digital: $8.99
Balsam Range - It's Christmas Time EP It's Christmas Time EP

Balsam Range $ 7.98 Digital: $9.99
The Paranoid Style - Underworld USA EP Underworld USA EP

The Paranoid Style $ 5.99 Digital: $5.99
Raising Cadence - Take Me Higher EP Take Me Higher EP

Raising Cadence $ 4.99 Digital: $4.99
Snoop Dogg - M.A.C.A. - Single M.A.C.A. - Single

Snoop Dogg $ 0.99 Digital: $0.99
They Might Be Giants - I Left My Body - Single I Left My Body - Single

They Might Be Giants $ 0.99 Digital: $0.99
MGMT - Little Dark Age - Single Little Dark Age - Single

MGMT $ 1.29 Digital: $1.29
Rush - Closer To The Heart (Live At Hammersmith Odeon - February 20, 1978) - Single Closer To The Heart (Live At Hammersmith Odeon - February 20, 1978) - Single

Rush $ 1.29 Digital: $1.29
Cindy Wilson - Brother - Single Brother - Single

Cindy Wilson   Digital: $
Morrissey - I Wish You Lonely - Single I Wish You Lonely - Single

Morrissey $ 1.29 Digital: $1.29
Jordan Davis - Take It From Me - Single Take It From Me - Single

Jordan Davis $ 1.29 Digital: $1.29

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